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  “We are going to have another American Independence Day. Come November 8th we are going to do things no one thought was possible and we are going to bring our country back” POTUS the [...]
Make the 4th of July Great Again All Things Trump-Success Smells Fantastic
Delta Force is the most elite fighting force in the World. It recruits from the best SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets and other top tier service men in the Armed Forces. Its only rival is the [...]
President Trump responds to the death of of Theta Chi brother Otto Warmbier, who passed away today.
This former Marine from #EveryDamnDayFit exposes the hypocrisy of snowflake Youtubers who are cool with the money, attention, and fame but don’t want any of the criticism.
Find out what the first 10 things a woman notices on a man...
Cold water will wake you up, without a doubt, and it will keep you awake. But it has more health benefits than anything else. In SEAL training you spend a lot of time in cold water and there’s actually some science to the madness.
No More Nice Guy. President Trump must fight the swamp with the full force of the powers granted to him by the Constitution. He has our consent.
Two years ago today, Donald Trump confidently came down the escalator at Trump Tower with his beautiful wife Melania and announced to the world that he was running for President of the United States of America.
About two years ago there was a great YouTube Channel called Conrad The Constitution. It was run by brothers Tim and Jay Fox. They were so good that the Obama Secret Service paid them a [...]
President Donald Trump accurately said that the Democrats have no message. They Don't. Their entire platform has been about division of race and gender. One of the Huge reasons President Trump won the election is because Black Americans voted for him by the millions.
ON December 1st, 2016 President Elect Donald J. Trump held his first Victory Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. This Man came dressed as Pepe The Frog. According to Asheley Killough, he STAYED IN CHARACTER THE ENTIRE [...]
You know Hillary Clinton's campaign is collapsing when WorldStar Hip Hop hosts a video of a Black Rapper with a Hillary For Prison T-shirt telling the World that Hillary is a hypocrite for blocking Danney Williams from meeting his father, Bill Clinton.
Awesome British woman puts bitchy CNN anchor in her Place!
This acquittal is a preview of Trump's Landslide. The people are fed up with Federal Tyranny.
This video is Awesome and should make Deplorables proud!
This unofficial Trump ad has been censored 6 times. Why? Because it is Powerful and Effective.