2 Year Anniversay: Trump Announces Running for President

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Two years ago today, Donald Trump confidently came down the escalator at Trump Tower with his beautiful wife Melania and announced to the world that he was running for President of the United States of America.

This stunned what we would later know as “The Swamp”.


  • Because they knew his positions on How to Fix and Make America Great again on trade, immigration, and crooked politician.
  •  Because they searched their little blackmail books and could not find anything they could use to control him.
  • Because they knew that he could self-finance his campaign.
  • Because they knew he was an alpha male who would not back down the way men like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney did.
  • At first he was laughed at. Then they tried to smear him.

They tried to knock him out of the debates and then they tried to keep him from getting the nomination.

Every scheme and ploy that had worked in the past against other men did not work against Donald Trump.

After we won the election, they tried to keep him from getting inaugurated. They tried to frame him with a fake dossier about pissing Russian hookers.

Then they went nuclear on him and tried to force him to resign over the Russia Hoax.

Here is the announcement speech that made history:

Trump Bobble Head


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