Drudge Report Ignores #Stontear-Day 5

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The #Stonetear Paul Combetta email Bleachbit scandal broke on September 19th, 2016.

Citizen Journalist Katica and The Conservative Treehouse shocked the world by presenting evidence that Hillary Clinton had criminal intent to order emails destroyed in order to prevent compliance with a congressional subpoena.

You would think that the Drudge Report would be all over this with flashing red headlines.

But instead, Mr. Drudge has been mysteriously ABsENT. Is he being magnanimous and showing the power of citizen journalists? Is he controlled opposition?

Imagine what the reason may be and share it in the comments or on Twitter.

Lets solve this Drudge mystery.

Why is Matt Drudge Ignoring Hillary’s Watergate? #Stonetear


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