Are Greek Fraternities The Last Bastion of Western Civilization?

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Greek Reagan

This article was originally written on July 30, 2015 and was the very first  we published on . A few months ago we had a major domain malfunction and some of our content was lost. However, we were able to recover this from The Way Back Machine

by Hoyt Thorpe

                    For thousands of years, the world was ruled exclusively by tyrants. These tyrants were the modern day version of Social Justice Warriors. The world was ruled by a combination of communism, monarchies, and socialism. Life was very hard, short, and violent. 
          The average man did not and could not own private property. He labored all day for the benefit of another. His wife and daughter could be taken at will. His sons did not truly belong to him but to the local tyrant. 
           Men were deceived into believing in idols, sorcery, and false gods. Then came along Western Civilization and the world changed for the better. At one point the ancestors of the Germans came out of the forest with an idea that gave birth to European Civilization. 


     In 1776 something truly miraculous occurred when our Founding Fathers declared to the World that they were Free Men endowed by our Creator with the right to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

     They battled against the mightiest Empire in the World at the time, and Won! The country and system they established after defeating King George III was the first time that a nation had been established Correctly with Divine Providence.

           This new American nation contained all of the positive virtues of nations past. Our Free Market system quickly sprouted into the mightiest in the World. Our military commissioned officers and soldiers  became the greatest Knights, Gentlemen, and Warriors the world has ever known. 
            Along the way, America battled and assimilated the Native Americans into our nation. While many incorrectly believe America disenfranchised the Indians, that is not true. We admired the nobility, bravery, intelligence, wisdom, and warrior spirit of the Indians so much that we gave them reservations the size of most European countries.

         We erected monuments on the sides of mountains for them. We named our towns, our teams, and our mightiest military units and weapons systems after them. 

            Within about a half century of our founding, we went to war against ourselves to settle the issues of States Rights, Federal Power, and Slavery. The Civil War, or War of Northern Aggression cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of brave men from the Union and the Confederacy. But then the smoke cleared and the dust settled and America still stood firm. From the end of the War until about 1900, American influence completely eradicated slavery as an institution from the entire World. 

            Our great Free Market system created more Good for the World. Then those Social Justice Warriors of past time rose up again and America defeated them Back to Back in World Wars. America became the world Super Power and continued to spread the light of Western Civilization. 
             Since Thomas Jefferson became the first Fraternity President, American Fraternity Men have been the American Knights, the Officers and Gentlemen, the Statesmen, the Businessmen, and the Leaders who have been responsible for leading the World out of Darkness and running the world.

              Fraternity men have come from great families and from humble beginnings like Ronald Reagan. 

              In essence, we run the world. We have stood firm on American principles and we pass these traditions down to our new brothers. Our Greek system is the best leadership system in American society. We have provided most of the Presidents, Judges, CEOs, Statesmen, and military leaders. 

              We stand firm against attempts by the Social Justice Warriors to spread their deceitful, hateful messages.  From campuses, to communities and board rooms across the nation, it is Greek fraternity men who stand firm protecting the world from the SJWs once again taking the world back into darkness.

               Fraternity men are the last bastion of Western Civilization.


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