Bill and Hillary Clinton are Criminal Masterminds

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From Relampago Furioso at Return of Kings  

One has to detest and at the same time admire the criminal genius of crooked Hillary “Rotten” Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Consummate political game players, they went from backwater Arkansas all the way to the White House, and thanks to a Marxist media covering Hillary’s rear flank, she has a real chance at becoming selected (not elected) for the office of President for the next 8 years.

The stories surrounding the couple’s criminal activity stretch back to the very beginning of their rise to power, in 1980s Arkansas. Arguably, Bill fits the model of the sexually promiscuous psychopath perfectly, and Hillary fits the profile of the power obsessed psychopath perfectly. Together, they have repeatedly and literally gotten away with murder if emerging reports of their crimes are to be believed. The revelation of this criminality is thanks to the internet, not sycophantic journalists who won’t do their fucking job.

These stories are only a briefer on the mountain of dirty dealings involving this power-seeking couple. They involve allegations of everything from Bill fathering a son with a prostitute, a son he abandoned, to hanging out with a pedophile dozens of times on his private island, to trafficking cocaine then killing numerous people who witnessed and had knowledge of a cocaine drop in rural Arkansas, to killing nearly 50 people who had incriminating evidence against them, among countless other scandals you may not have heard of.

Bill and His “Peaches”

Danney WIlliams still claims to be Bill Clinton's illegitimate son to this day

Danney Williams still claims to be Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son to this day

Monica Lewinsky was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to former President Clinton screwing everything in sight. Even in his early days as Attorney General of Arkansas, Little Rock was awash in rumors about Bill’s sexual mania. When he became governor twice, according to the testimony of Arkansas State Troopers and body guards he couldn’t keep his pants zipped. These officials would later testify to witnessing Clinton’s sexual escapades with hundreds of women. Trooper L.D. Brown testified he personally drove Billy to hundreds of extramarital affairs on state time and with state cars.

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Hillary And Bill Clinton Are Criminal Masterminds Wielding Incredible Power


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