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Unattractive women who can't get husbands protest coffee shop.
Update: Jeb! quits after spending $150,000,000 Frustrated by his low 6% ranking in the GOP polls, Jeb Bush pulls The Legacy Card. Jeb is like that Rushee who everyone thought would be as great as [...]
  Why Christianity Is Not An Enemy of Fraternity Tradition and Donald Trump’s “Attitude”. Brian Mcgonagall “[Religion] is the opium of the people” – Karl Marx boldly declared this, as he set about creating what [...]
If Barack Obama were ever to be incapacitated, America would not only have a new Commander-in-Chief; it would have an inaugural Commander-in-Creepiness. Such is the reputation, largely swept under the carpet, of Vice President Joe [...]
*Original Article by Winston Smith, Return of Kings.com Return of Kings, Thank You American Sorority Girls by Winston Smith Rebecca Martinson is an American patriot. In case you didn’t pay the internet bill last month, [...]
By Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D. From WND Opinion