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The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false narrative. Castile and Ms. Diamond Reynolds (Facebook video uploader) were pulled over by police because Castile matched a BOLO Alert for an armed robbery suspect from four days prior.
How to Ship Internationally and How to Pay in Your Own Currency
Beautiful and intelligent “Melissa” wore her “Make America Great Again” hat into a local coffee shop and immediately sparked a political debate with the locals. TheGatewaypundit.com
He was homeless living in his 2007 Black BMW 328i
A Response To The New York Daily News Writer Who Got PTSD From Shooting An AR-15 For An Hour Rob Fox 63 10 hours ShareTweetEmailNice Move In case you missed the bravest piece of journalism [...]
by ADELLE NAZARIAN17 Jun 2016465   A senior Iranian cleric from Isfahan, Iran, said “immorality” among young Iranian women, stemming from dressing “improperly,” is resulting in climate change and causing the rivers and dams in [...]
American symbols are POWERFUL
The Founding Fathers would be proud to shake Breitbart's hand
During the Monica Lewinsky scandal Drudge was a Patowan. Today he is a full fledged Jedi Knigh and WILL defeat Hillary.
The most influential Man in America wrote a Book.
We dug up this 1998 speech by the Most Influential man in America, Matt Drudge.
A Texas firing range offering free concealed handgun courses to members of the LGBT community has had to open several new classes after being inundated with requests for lessons.
The Iran Nuclear deal unfroze $150 Billion of Iranian assets which will allow Iran to upgrade it's antiquated Airline industry, which will be contracted out to Boeing, which is a major Donor of the GOP.
In an odd coincidence, Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen appears very briefly in a documentary about the BP oil spill on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
Father’s Day in Men’s Grooming Discover top gift ideas and deals for Father’s Day in Men’s Grooming. Give Dad a Superior ShaveShop Braun Keep Dad Looking SharpShop Gillette Father’s Day Must-HavesShop Dove Men+Care Deals in [...]