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Return Of Kings wishes to interrupt its normal program of male self-improvement, exposing criminally-inclined SJWs, and hard-hitting news to bring you the ten hottest girls of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympi
Twitter user @PatriotByGod busted a radio station trying to drown out Rush Limbaugh as he began speaking about Seth Rich
IN this 2010 email from Sydney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton, the Democrats accurately predicted that John Boehner was a liability to the Republicans and they would oust him first chance they got. Eric Cantor is [...]
He is now THE NOMINEE. Show your Pride in America.
Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Pay Pal spoke tonight at the RNC convention. He was one the first Silicon Valley Billionaires to endorse Trump. During his speech, he came out as Gay. For Far too [...]
She is a Soccer Player from Duke University
by JULIA HAHN19 Jul 2016Cleveland, OH1,226 House Speaker Paul Ryan is out with a new television ad that tries to convince Wisconsin voters that Ryan has taken action to keep Islamic terrorists from entering the [...]
Fraternity Men Across America Are Going Thirsty Because Their YETIs Keep Their Drinks Too Cold
The Democrats sponsored Slavery and now they sponsor Enslavement. Hillary and the Democrats believe they own you and you belong to them. What if the goal of the Democratic party is to steal the most [...]
Donald Trump faced extreme odds and challenges on his way to the nomination. He turned the political World upside down. He defeated an entire entrenched RINO establishment, the Bush Dynasty, the Romney facade, the Never Trumpers and the sly #WriteInReagan campaign sponsored by Grandex CEO, Madison Wickham.
TRUCK PLOWS INTO CROWD, COTE D'AZUR... 'BODIES EVERYWHERE' DURING BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATION... 75+ DEAD... VIDEO SHOWS IMPACT, PANIC... Tactic jihadist suggested for years... Soldiers deployed to streets of Nice... MORE... ISIS CELEBRATES... LIVE: SKY NEWS... [...]
Death toll currently at 77. A truck killed more than Orlando, San Bernardino and Sandy Hook combined.
Michael Flynn is on Donald Trump's short list for Vice-President, and was an Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer
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