Delta Zeta From Texas State University Survives Horrific Plunge Down Side of Mountain

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The Horrific Accident

Delta Zet Woy

On August 1st, 2016, D-List celebrity Sydney Woy was vacationing in Colorado and decided to rent a mountain bike and experience the rush of trail riding.

Who Is Sydney Woy?

She is an intern at Grandex Media and writes the wildly popular and controversial “Ask Intern Sydney” column.

Ask Intern Sydney

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As she was pedaling, her phone rang and she looked down out of habit- and that is when it happened-she plunged down a 20 ft drop of rocks and into a lake.

If not for the grace of some good Samaritans, she would have drowned.

I woke up like dis #flawless (remember 2 wear a helmet when mountain biking!!)

 Her boss, Dillon Cheverere, (who is not verified by Twitter) required her to come into work even though her doctors determined she was suffering from a concussion.

We have to admire Sydney for enduring this pain without any pain medication.

A few days later, the lack of pain medication began to kick in for Sydney.

Our advice to her: Take the Pain

What can you do to help Intern Sydney Woy? 

You can help her make the leap from D-List to C-List Celebrity by following her on Twitter.


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