First Video Surfaces of Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen…

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First Video Surfaces of Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen…
Posted on June 15, 2016 by sundance (courtesty of The ConservativeTreeHouse

In  an odd coincidence, Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen appears very briefly in a documentary about the BP oil spill on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

At the time Omar is working in his capacity as a security guard for G4S as an undercover documentary filmmaker Rebecca Tickell records him on hidden camera.

The recording was part of a 2010 production called “The Big Fix”, a documentary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil spill. Omar Mateen appears on a hidden camera as he works night security detail near a Gulf Coast beach.

Mateen can be seen in the video at the 36:00 minute mark (video prompted just hit play):

(the original article at  is promted to just hit play. Click the link above or just fast forward to the 36:00 mark)

Regarding his life at the time of this recording: – This would have been in 2010 shortly after first wife Sitora Yusufly claims Mateen was abusive.
Yusufly married Mateen in 2009 and has told numerous media outlets she remained with him for only four months before being rescued by her family from the abusive relationship. However, records indicate Yusufly and Mateen did not divorce until 2011.

Many researchers, myself included, and those who have looked at all of Sitora Yusufly’s statements, have noted she appears to be a sketchy person – very scripted, something about her just doesn’t pass the sniff test – and she is very willing to be part of the overall media story. She certainly rushed to the cameras within hours on Sunday.
The Big Fix – BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cover up


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