Frustrated POTUS Rushee Jeb Bush Plays “The Legacy” Card.

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Update: Jeb! quits after spending $150,000,000

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Frustrated by his low 6% ranking in the GOP polls, Jeb Bush pulls The Legacy Card. Jeb is like that Rushee who everyone thought would be as great as the legends told about his Dad and his Brother but turns out to be dull and the Active members wonder if he was adopted.

Normally, the GOP would be forced to give him the POTUS bid, but not anymore. The Old Media is losing traction and influence to you and your smartphone. You are able to quickly and easily find out the truth about candidates. Candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Carson are able to quickly correct lies and libel told about them via The New social media.

With all due respect to  HW and W, America just doesn’t want Jeb.



The End.


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