Hell’s Angels: Top Tier Fraternity of Outlaws

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Hells Angels,

From Amazon Page:

Barger, king of the chopper pilots, road variety, is an American icon, and his life story is a

history of the biker lifestyle. As president of the Oakland chapter of the Hell’s Angels, he

has seen and survived hassles with the police, peaceniks, and the Rolling Stones, with

their “prissy clothes and makeup” –all of which he recounts. He notes fine points, such as

the fact that it was Emmett Grogan, of the radical egalitarian Diggers, who suggested that

the Angels work security at the Stones’ ill-fated free show at Altamont, California.

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He nonchalantly admits to criminal acts, such as pulling a gun on Keith Richards onstage.

Withal, however, he includes only somewhat more sex and violence in his life story than

one encounters in most contemporary biographies. Certainly, specific expressions of

Barger’s biker attitudes may scandalize the squeamish; for instance, his explanation of

why women engaged in group sex with bikers: “For a certain kind of chick, it was an honor

to get fucked by a bunch of Hell’s Angels.” Even if such sentiments prove too

straightforward and earthy for some, the book is a dandy cultural document.



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