Honor Veterans By Reading About What They Went Through

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As a Veteran, this day is meaningful to me and my family. My grandfather, my father, and I served as infantrymen.

My grandfather saw combat in the European and African Theater of World War II with the 6th Armored Division, and my father survived a year of jungle fighting in Vietnam with the 173d Airborne Brigade.

I learned about many of our nation’s great warriors by reading about them. Those who survived came back to tell their stories and to memorialize their friends who didn’t make it back.

Honor them by reading about them. Here is a list of three great books written by Veterans of the Vietnam War:

Five Years To Freedom

by James Nick Rowe

Nick Rowe was a WestPoint Special Forces First Lieutenant who was captured by the Viet Cong and held for five hears in the worst jungle prison camp imaginable. He was physically and psychologically tortured but refused to sign statements against the United States. He escaped during the confusion of an Air Assault by American helicopters. He then went on to create the Army SERE (Search Evade Resist Escape) Course School at Fort Bragg,

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Reflections of a Warrior

by Franklin D. Miller

Franklin Miller arrived in Vietnam in 1966. He volunteered for Special Forces and soon became one of the most respected warriors in Vietnam. He served six tours-all volunteer. During his fifth tour he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. When asked by President Nixon what he could do for him, Miller responded that he would like to return to his men in Vietnam. During his sixth tour, the Department of Defense realized he was a national treasure and had to “kidnap” him back to the United States.

Reflections of A Warrior

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Sog: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam

by John L. Plaster

This book was published in 1998 because most of the missions described in it were classified for thirty years. Extraordinary feats of bravery and courage were common. Read about the NCO and 12 troops who held off  twice as many  NVA as their were Mexicans at The Alamo. Or read about Two SF troops in hiding allow an enemy troop to finish masturbating before they shoot him, out of decency.

These men performed the most difficult and dangerous missions in Vietnam. After thirty years, they finally received recognition.

Sog: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam

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