Linkedin Post Grad Hunk Of The Day: Dan From The University of Central Florida

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Meet Dan, a Phi Gamma Delta FIJI from University of Central Florida and the Grandex Corporation.

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*Trigger Warning: Bursting ovary danger-Ladies, ensure your ovaries are securely fastened and in the upright position. 

Dan, aka Jack Hammer,  is a 2013 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film/Cinema/Video Studies, Marketing. He is a writer and Content Manager for the Grandex Corporation where he is the Hugh Hefner of the highly coveted TFM Instagram Babe of The Day column. Dan’s Instagram Babes

Dan has provided hundreds of beautiful college sorority women with the opportunity to be viewed, admired, and critiqued by the Greek fraternity world. He provides the same opportunity that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gives to the Cheerleaders when they are featured on the Jumbotron.

Dan is the Real Deal. He was a Varsity Golfer in High School and worked for The Golf Channel, coordinating numerous projects with every major Liberal media outlet: NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC Sports, Titleist, and Golfing World.

He established himself as the Alpha Male of his fraternity house, serving as Greek Week Chair, Recruitment Chair, and Social and Sorority Relations Chair. Screenshot 2015-08-16 at 4.24.09 PM

Dan's talents earned him an immediate seat at the Grandex corporate Board Room table.

Dan’s talents earned him an immediate seat at the Grandex corporate Board Room table.


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