Second Update: (we stand with our American Olympians)Olympian Ryan Lochte: A theory about a strip club, a brothel, or drugs.

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Update: Ryan Lochte made up the story about being robbed to cover up vandalizing private property. According to Rio police, video proves that they stopped at a gas station at 6:00 am. 

They attempted to used an outdoor bathroom but it was locked. So….they kicked it down. The attendant came outside and got in an argument with the Olympians. 

The manager showed up with security and demanded payment. 

The manager probably threatened to call the police if they did not pay. 

Thinking they would get in trouble for being ‘ugly Americans’, they made up the story about being robbed by the Rio Police. 


Here is a theory:  Ryan Lochte and his teammates stiffed a pimp, a strip club, or a dealer. They thought they were Scott free but were followed. They had to pay all cash and were afraid the Olympic Committee would find out so they made up a story about being robbed. Pretty simple. 

     Not being legally intelligent, they did not anticipate that there would be video of them entering the Olympic village with all of their belongings. 

     The biggest red flag?: Ryan Lochte saying that he refused to get on the ground even after a gun was put to his head. 


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