Why Katica and The Conservative Treehouse deserve the Pulitzer Prize #PaulCombetta #Stonetear

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Dustin Hoffman & Robert Redford as Bernstein and Woodward

In the 1970’s, Woodward and Bernstein unraveled Watergate and forced President Richard Nixon to resign. The Washington Post was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the work of these two journalists. 

It is now 2016 and an internet sleuth named Katica has discovered The Smoking Gun that may finally get Hillary Clinton charged and indicted. 

***This article is going to do two things:

  1. Give a Brief Description of the Background on the Smoking Gun Reddit thread discovered by Katica
  2. Briefly Explain Why Katica and The Last Refuge deserve a Pulitzer

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The Paul Combetta Smoking Gun

Fast forward to the present. Hillary Clinton is running for President and was recently given a Free-Pass on her Email Destruction Scandal by FBI Director James Comey. Director Comey stated that there was no provable “Intent”. Hillary Clinton’s IT man Paul Combetta (Platte River Network) was called to testify before Congress but asserted his Right Against Self Incrimination and Pleaded the 5th.

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Without INTENT, it seemed that Hillary was untouchable and her IT man Combetta could be written off as a rogue computer guy who basically botched a work order. But then along came Katica, a Twitter user (https://twitter.com/GOPPollAnalyst )who discovered the elusive Smoking Gun against Hillary Clinton. In the Tweet below, Katica showed that Paul Combetta, also known as Stonetear on Reddit, specifically requested information on how to Strip or Replace Hillary Clinton’s emails. This is a smoking gun because these emails had been requested under subpoena and because they were required to be saved under federal law. 

On September 18, 2016 Katica posted the following Tweet:

On September 19, 2016, the website known on Twitter as The Last Refuge and online at www.theconservativetreehouse.com was the first News Site entity to grasp the significance of Katica’s discovery.

This was the first News entity to publish Katica’s Information



The Conservative TreeHouse wrote an extremely thorough and detailed article that laid out the case against Mr. Paul Combetta and Hillary Clinton. If you haven’t read articles from The Conservative Treehouse, let me explain why this website is a gem. Attention to Detail and Thoroughness. That is it. I highly recommend it.

Later that day our website Total Frat Forum curated the above article with a different headline:

We pushed Katica’s discovery all day via Twitter on the 19th and even got Rachel Stockman from Law Newz to post about it on her website. Throughout the day, many other Alt Right websites also wrote about Katica’s discovery. By Tuesday the 20th of Septemeber 2016, the Stonetear story was picked up by U.S. News and World Report, Fox News, Fortune Magazine, and CNN.

The Last Refuge continued to update this story and informed when Paul Combetta began deleting his internet trail. We Tweeted about it.

Eventually, members of Congress became aware of this shocking new information and have demanded new hearings into the Hillary Email Scandal.

Today, September 21st, it was discovered that the Donald Trump campaign is also fully aware of it, as can be seen in this campaign email:

After corresponding with Katica via Twitter and reading through her Tweets we have discovered a few interesting gems.

Two websites tried to take credit for Katica’s discovery. We won’t name them. They know who they are.

Interestingly, Breitbart News has only done one small story and The Mighty Drudge Report has not picked up this story yet!!!

According to Katica, she emailed both Breitbart and Drudge and neither one of them was interested in her story. The mainstream media also ignored her.

Why Katica and The Last Refuge Deserve a PulitzerImage result for Pulitzer prize for journalism

     Within a three day period Katica and The Last Refuge have accomplished the same thing that Woodward and Bernstein did. They discovered a Presidential level attempt to cover up a felony. Katica discovered what hundreds of FBI agents and the mainstream media were unable to find. The Last Refuge discovered Katica’s Tweet and realized the significance of the information she had. Using this information The Last Refuge put “into print” the story.


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