Rachel Page, why do you Disrespect Harambe?

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   Harambe and Rachel Page

Meet Rachel Page. She writes for Total Sorority Move under the pen name Princeless Diaries.

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She just threatened to block anyone who mentions Harambe.

Rachel writes pretty decent articles, but is most famous for her devotion to Britney Spears.

good morning britney spears released a new song and it is a mandatory purchase #buymakemeonitunes

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Total Sorority Move is owned by Grandex Media. The CEO of Grandex Media is Madison Wickham.

This is Rachel Page’s BOSS.

This is me laying down some truth at @smudallas #Repost @recess. ・・・ "Don't be overly concerned with what it is you're going to do.. Do something productive and as long as you're moving forward.. You'll find something that makes sense. Don't settle and do something you don't like. Keep trying stuff til you figure out what you actually want to do."- @totalfratmove CEO and Cofounder, @madisonwickham @ @smudallas #OfficeHours #TFM #RECESStour

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Since the death of Harambe, Madison Wickham has sold over $50,000 worth of Harambe themed t-shirts on his other website, TotalFratMove.

Just the other day, Rachel threatened to block anyone who puts Harambe onto her Twitter Timeline

I’m With Harambe T-shirt $12.99







We at TotalFratForum.com have always been fans of hers and were just about to make her the Post Grad Babe of the Day. But we made the fatal mistake of throwing the word Harambe into her timeline and she blocked us.

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Not only does this go against her Boss’s Business Model of marketing themed t-shirts to High Schoolers and some College students, it seemed to incite a challenge from the Second IN Command at Grandex Media, W Ross Bolen. Ross Bolen is the New York Times Best Selling Author of this book,

….. Here is what Bolen had to say about Rachel Page’s threat to Block anyone who mentioned Harambe.

bolen harambe


We hope Rachel will realize that Harambe is not just a fad. He represents all that is good in America. His life came to a tragic end when he was shot. The outpouring of support for Harmabe is a testament to the empathy and kindness that We, as Americans and Legal Immigrants hold towards animals. RIP.

Enjoy The Show

Mrs Rachel Harambe


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