Reddit sleuths connect Hillary Clinton to mysterious Fixer framing Julian Assange @wikileaks

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We are in a wonderful time right now. Many of you yearn to know what it must have felt like to have been alive in 1776 during the Revolutionary War. 

Guess what? We are in a unique time in history right now. We the People, via Donald Trump, are declaring our Independence from the Long Train of Abuses of our Uni Party government. The “Free Press” has failed us.

However, citizen journalists are doing as much to spread the word and uncover corruption as those who physically fought alongside George Washington.

Just a few weeks ago Katica made an amazing discovery about the deliberate destruction of subpoenad documents and emails.

Today, citizen sleuths on Reddit discovered that Hillary Clinton is behind the false accusations leveled against Julian assange.

Here is the Discovery:


From Reddit User sf-78lXQwy_7 :

WikiLeaks Reddit

I have been looking into the San Fransisco address listed in the Wikileaks Final Report and found something possibly big, who may be behind the Assange Pedophile attacks a corporation called Premise Data Corporation

This address was searched with the association of the business name of, but that isn’t who actually resides there. Who really resides there is a company known as Premise Data Corporation, some sort of private intelligence corporation. I found this due to a Yahoo page after I Ducked(I use DuckDuckGo, I call searches Ducks). Curious, I went onto the Premise site, that lists a different address: 185 Berry Street, Suite 6850 San Fransisco CA, 94107. As you can see it is VERY close to the other address listed in the CA Business registry here(just search for the business name). Image of the record itself I was poking around the site itself and noticed a familiar name on their board of directors: Larry Summers, Lawrence Summers as he is known sometimes. This is the same Larry Summers that is part of the Center for American Progress where “loyal Soldier” Neera Tanden works. There was also a strange autoreply with the subject Larry Summers in the Podesta Leak 8-11-2015

Now this may be nothing but I find it quite strange that a website/company that is attacking Julian Assange just so happens to share an address of record with a corporation that happens to have 2 people that are connected w/ the Clinton Campaign, Larry Summers and Neera Tanden. Suspicious at a minimum but given recent events I am starting to think there may be more of a connection, maybe someone here can help out as well.

Additional Premise Team Members for research

Edit 1 Guess who has a pic w/ Hillary Clinton, the founder of the company

When Google Met Wikileaks- (Buy on Amazon Here)

Edit 2: Given this new information can some amazing people(Who don’t have work early) look further into the companies that share this address, maybe compare them with the Guccifer 2.0 leaks, I think there were donation lists in there. I will be chomping at the bit and researching as much as possible at work tomorrow as well.


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