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About The Seersucker Hoodie & Hat

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They are a new company that has taken the Classical & Conservative look of the seersucker suit and turned it into a unique clothing line that looks ‘conservative/preppy’ .  Below you will find links, pictures and tweets from this product. We have also included some information about the history of Seersucker Thursday in the United States Senate.

Their hoodies sell for $80 and their hats sell for $25.

As you know, TotalFratForum is all about America First and we make no apology about striving for economic success. We are free market capitalists.

If you decide to buy a Seersucker product, mention in the comments of your order “TotalFratForum” sent you and we will make a commission.






History of the seersucker suit[edit]

Main article: Seersucker

A blue and white seersucker jacket.

Seersucker weave was introduced to the American south, probably through British colonial trade, sometime in the second half of the 19th century. The cotton weave, which originated in western India, became a signature look of the United States in the early 20th century because its light weight and pre-rumpled surface made it ideal for the intense humidity of summer. [4]

The wearing of seersucker suits declined with the advent of air conditioning. By the 1950s, air conditioning reached the Capitol, ending the necessity of seersucker suits there.[1]

Gregory Peck famously wore a seersucker suit in the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, creating a clichΓ© of how small town Southern lawyers dressed invoked by later actors such as Andy Griffith. The image of a bow-tied, seersucker-suited young man in a boater hat is likewise a cliche image of a recent graduate of elite Northeastern colleges.



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