Terror Strikes South of France

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UPDATE: Jihadist Terror Attack In Nice France During Bastille Day – Dozens Killed, Truck Rams Large Crowd…

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Warning Graphic Images – Death Toll has climbed over 50 60 70 77.  Over 100 injured. A large box truck (pictured below) has rammed into a massive crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice France.  Initial media reports are claiming dozens of people have been killed and also the possibility of an additional exchange of gun fire between police and the truck occupants.

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German TV has video of Jihadist Truck approaching roadblock then speeding through to begin mowing down crowd.  Police firing into cab of vehicle – VIDEO HERE – Video below as truck engages with crowd.  – Again, unsettling – watch with caution:

Warning: Graphic Image and Descriptions Below

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According to eye-witness reports the Truck Driver intentionally drove into a massive crowd of people mowing down the crowd.  There was no doubt the objective of the truck driver was intentional.   Only one occupant, driver, was noted in the cab of the truck.

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NICE, France (AP) — An eyewitness has told The Associated Press that he saw a truck driver slam a vehicle into a crowd of revelers in the French resort city of Nice and then emerge shooting, killing many.

Wassim Bouhlel, a Nice native who spoke to the AP near Nice’s Promenade du Paillon, said that he saw a truck drive into the crowd and then witnessed the man emerge with a gun and start shooting.

“There was carnage on the road,” Bouhlel said. “Bodies everywhere.” (link)

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Latest scenes in Nice: French media reports say local police are treating incident as attack http://trib.al/iuX9K3k 


Nice, France on lockdown after truck crashes into crowd killing at least 20 people. pic.twitter.com/l4L47BgxXT via @pzf

Latest reports from BFMTV: 30 people have been killed after a truck drove into a crowd of people in Nice, France

Occupants of the truck which ran into a crowd in Nice exchanged gunfire with police -BFMTV http://cnn.it/29WnXDV 

Gunfire to attempt to stop the truck can be heard in this video:

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