The Monster Vote!

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The United Colors of: One Nation, Under God, Indivisible….

Trump United

We are empowered!

We refuse division!

We refuse disunity!

We are…

Americans First !

and We Are…


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The “Monster Vote” is the voting bloc of those who had turned away from politics. People who were rightly sickened with all the self-serving political BS; others who grew cynical over time, and eventually disgusted just gave up… and also many who just never voted in the first place.

Friends, Uncles, Men, Mothers, Brothers, Young, Grandparents, In-Laws, Neighbors, Co-Workers, Dads, Bus Riders, Rich, Working Class, Old, Poor, All-Collars, Bosses, Retired, Cab-drivers, Women, Cousins, Plumbers, Fathers,… every-single-facet.


The Monster Vote is unquantifiable; never discussed in the media when the professional political class and punditry use historical reference points to make their arguments.  

Comparisons to turnout models in 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, etc. have absolutely no value when you consider the scope of the monster vote.

The voices discussing election turnout are comparing the 40 million for Dems, or the 40 million for Republicans, or the 20 million in the middle.

No-one is discussing the 100 million, the silent majority, the non-voting bloc.  The largest single voting bloc in the United States.   However, there are signs the monster vote is active and engaged.  Visible signs the professional political class would rather you not contemplate.

Obvious signs.

Very Visible Signs.

Records broken, but no-one is discussing why.  Tremors. It’s not just republicans, independents and some democrat voters – it’s the appearance of the monster vote.  June/July/August 2015 venues with 10,000…. 15,000…   20,000,… 30,000,… even 40,000 were filled in a PRIMARY contest.

A friggin’ “primary” contest !!

Michigan. Illinois. Texas. California. Florida. Georgia. New York…

A p.r.i.m.a.r.y contest !!

… and the assembly continues.

Just imagine the Monster Vote in a general election !

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