Vintage Hazing Stuff: ‘Constructive’ Hazing Traditions Are Like Your Testicles. Without them you’re just a Eunuch with Letters.

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Penny Tour de House

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The game is called The Penny Tour de House. It takes a whole night to complete, and it’s fun for everybody except the pledges. Here’s what happens: The pledges are lined up in the attic or the top floor. Each is given a penny that must be pushed with the nose around the perimeter of each room in the house, starting from top to basement and returning. The perimeter of every room, including bathrooms, closets, bunk rooms, et cetera must be traversed. Time limits can be set, et cetera, to make things more interesting. Things such as condiments, et cetera, can be placed at certain points so that the pledge must push the penny through whatever it is on the floor. Pledges will need bandaids for their noses afterward. With 40 pledges doing this it can get pretty interesting, especially going up and down stairs. Yes, the penny must be pushed around the perimeter of each and every step, around the bases of the toilets, and so forth. It is an exhausting little game, one that will give the pledges many pleasant memories. Knee pads are highly recommended, although it’s OK to only let them put them on after they have finished one floor, et cetera. No reason to be TOO kind to them.


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