Vintage Hazing Stuff: West Point-The More You Bleed During Pledging, The Less You Bleed In War.

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“My plebe was knocked unconscious and immediately began fighting when he came to,” an unnamed upperclassman, who was apparently observing from the sidelines, wrote on the social media forum Yik Yak. “I was so proud I could cry.” Read More/ D. Phillips NYT



He hazed himself and loved it.


“The More You Bleed During Pledging, The less You Bleed in War.”

Since the late 1800’s, West Point Freshmen cadets have engaged in pillow fight combat to mark the end of Beast Barracks. This was just the first time that it was captured on video and circulated via social media.

Do Not Condemn This Pillow Fight. THIS is one of the small reasons America has won back to back Word Wars. Call it what you want: Team Building, Esprit De Corps, or Hazing. It Works.

Cadets rushed out onto the quad, screaming battle cries. Smoke grenades popped, followed by a Cavalry of laundry carts. Thirty-four cadets were injured, including about 20 concussions.

Be Proud of This Tradition and Support it. Someday these cadets will be officers who will lead their men To Close With and Destroy Our Enemies. This is how they learn to do that. You don’t learn the Warrior Spirit from taking three semesters of Diversity Equality classes and sporting a coexist sticker on your car.


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