Warrior: Meet The Green Beret Warrior Who Was Shot and Stabbed 37 Times But Kept On Fighting BECAUSE HIS BROTHERS WERE DEPENDING ON HIM

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roy benavidez


Roy Benavidez was a Green Beret monitoring the radios back in the rear when he heard that a 12 Man Special Forces ODA Team was under fire and requesting evacuation. The A-Team was surrounded by a 1,000 man North Vietnamese Division. Every single team member was severely wounded.

Realizing that a rescue force might not reach them in time, Benavidez grabbed a knife and volunteered to board a chopper to go help his Brothers. Three Choppers before him were not able to make it in, due to intense fire from the enemy gooks.  Benavidez directed the Chopper to land 75 meters from the SF Team perimeter and found them unable to move to the extraction chopper. The Team leader asked Benavidez, “Where is the Rescue Force?” Benavidez responded, “I’m it.”

MEDAL OF HONOR: A Vietnam Warrior’s Story

Benavidez was wounded many times while carrying the Team members to the chopper, firing at the enemy in the process. The rescue chopper pilot was killed and the chopper disabled. So he called in artillery, kept the men motivated and continued fighting the NVA, sustaining 20 more bullet and knife holes in his body. One last chopper made it in. Benavidez carried the Team to the chopper, having to engage in Right IN Your Face Hand to Hand Combat, getting stabbed in the face and back. He kept fighting, killing the enemy and evacuating his Brothers.

By the time he made it onto the chopper, Benavidez was wounded 37 times and upon arrival at the airpad the Doctors and medics thought he was dead. They started to zip up the body bag. Benavidez could not move or talk so he spit blood onto the Doctor to show he was alive.

Many Years later, President Ronald Reagan presented MSG Benavidez with the Medal of Honor. A few years later, President Reagan stated that he wanted MSG Benavidez’s MOH profile in his Presidential Library.

Too Few Men Survived Vietnam. A Few Dominated Vietnam. Roy Benavidez OWNED The ‘Nam.
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