Why Grandex and Total Frat Move.com Are Good For America.

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Someone Direct Messaged us on Twitter and asked:

“So, are you Pro or Con TFM? How are you different?

TFM and Grandex are great for
America because they are a fortress of pro American values in an internet wasteland crowded with misinformation and hate for our Founding Principles.
They use humor to reach an enviable and critical demographic: college students, grads, and patriotic Americans.

They have connected Greek chapters across the country in a way that lets them all know what is going on against us by those who would wish us vanquished.
Although we playfully tease them sometimes about being too PC and  being Censor Nazis, we respect what they have done and wish them success. Because what is good for Grandex is Good for America. Sure, they get PC on some topics 15% of the time, but are 85% on point.
They have been criticized by many prominent liberal people and sites, which means they are succeeding at exposing all the liberal crap that needs exposing.
So how are we different?

TFM is like a big Army Division Task Force with Infantry, Tanks, and Air Support. When they aim, they take out entire grid squares on the map.

Right now we are like a Special Forces A-Team with a company of indigenous freedom fighters. We have much more freedom of movement and can do precision attacks, but our target is smaller……for now.
Perhaps the greatest thing about TFM is that a group of Brothers found a way to stay together and do what they love. Most brothers graduate, move away, and only get to experience that “House Feeling” once in a great while. Madison Wickham and Ryan Young discovered Frat Never Never Land like Peter Pan.


KA says:

The picture of Ryan, Dillon, and Madison is From a theme party: “Principals and School Girls.” 🙂

Stetson_and_Spurs says:

Does the TFM staff know about this forum?

DZLady15 says:

I follow YeahOkayWhat on Twitter. She knows. TFF actually did a flattering Linkedin Babe of the Day on her.

RogerJDorn says:

TFM was actually my idea. I told Ryan about it when we were drunk. Little munchkin mutha was actually listening to me.

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